Food for thought Friday – Van Mieu Deli

We think “Eating is North, Fashion is South”. Together with the knowledge about Hanoi’s cuisine, Hanoian’s culture, and experience of serving international visitors, we are delighted to feature one of our favourites with guests – Van Mieu Deli.
See here the recipe for Hanoians Grilled Pork Cheek.
It is the chef’s idea of combining natural ingredients with seasoning from mountains and forests with local vegetables, roots, and herbs to create a unique dish for rising up and keeping the traditional delicate beauty of locally grown ingredients.
Hanoian’s Grilled Pork Cheek
1. Ingredients:
§ Pork cheek: 150g
§ Chopped ginger: 5g
§ Minced pork: 80g
§ Water: 2 tbsp
§ Chopped lemongrass: 1 piec
§ Honey: 1 tsp
§ Chopped shallot: 1 clove
§ Chili sauce: 1tsp
§ Chopped garlic: 2 cloves
§ Peanut butter: 1tsp
§ Wild forest pepper corn: 1g
§ Spring onion: 10g
§ Soya sauce: 2 tbsp
§ Lolot leave: 5

Ø Salt, fish sauce, oyster sauce, chicken powder to taste
Ø Local banana bud, fresh rice noodle and herbal to serving

2. Method of cooking:
§ Sharing 2 kinds of pork cheek and minced pork for 2 style
§ Combine soya sauce, garlic, honey, chicken powder with some water in medium bowl
§ Then dipping pork cheek in and keep 1 hour
§ Mix minced pork with shallot, lemongrass, wild pepper corn, fish sauce and oyster sauce in another bowl
§ Arrange lolot leave and rolling with minced pork
§ Grilling pork cheek and rolled pork on griller or charcoal with medium cook

3. Spicy spring onion salsa:
§ Sautee shallot, spring onion, peanut butter sauce, chili sauce with some fish sauce
§ Serving with fresh rice noodle and mixed herbal salad