Hoi An – The Soul Of Culture

Is it any wonder this beautiful old city attracts millions of tourists every year. Hoi An is a living museum reflective of one of the most active Southeast Asian seaports of the 15th –19th centuries. Whilst you will marvel at over 800 well preserved ancient buildings in the old town, it will be the lanterns on the river; the relaxed pace;  the streets abound with delicious aromas; shop houses offering exquisite Vietnamese cuisine; and welcoming smiles that will get you in every time.

Hoi An is truly the beating heart of Vietnam. It is where history entwines with the avid tourist as they wish to explore its soul by visiting its pagodas and temples depicting an era long gone. Now a UNESCO heritage site, Hoi An is one of the most magical environments anywhere in the world where Japanese, Chinese, French and Vietnamese architecture all come together with unique homogeneity.

Tourists flock to Hoi An’s Ancient Town to see the yellowed buildings, the energetic banks of the Thu Bon River and its shimmering waters adorned with boats and colorful candles. You will quickly fall in love with the quirky streets, secret alley ways leading to street performers and brilliantly-lit lanterns adorning your path as you go. 

Flanked by the charming Thu Bon River, and coastal beaches that include the wide, palm-lined Cửa Đại and An Bang beaches you will be spoilt for things to do and see. Sun-kissed beaches just minutes from the city center, each with a fine array of restaurants and bars by the waterside await you.  Beyond these shores lie the  coral reefs of the rocky Chàm Islands which are part of a protected marine park. Venture a kilometer or two further out of town, possibly riding a freely available bicycle, you will casually find rice paddies, farming communities and maybe the odd sleepy buffalo.

A couple of days is by no means long enough to sample Hoi An’s cuisine range which is second to none; its unique designer shops and its variety of outdoor trips and adventures – from piloting basket boats to scuba diving to motorcycle adventures exploring sections of the Ho Chi Minh trail.  If Golf is your best way to relax, you have five world renowned Golf courses an easy drive away.

The region offers a wide range of accommodation styles, and you can choose between staying beachside or in easy walking distance to the Old Town. Nothing is further than a 10-15 minute taxi ride away. We are happy to recommend the following hotels/resorts if you are considering Hoi An as part of your next adventure: Boutique Hoian Resort, Palm Garden Resort, Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort, Hoian Coco River, and Koi Resort

Beyond its vibrancy, Hoi An offers a tranquillity that makes it easy to enjoy at your own pace. Why not take the opportunity to reconnect with yourself and exercise self-care. Hoi An offers a plethora of Massage and Spa centres along with yoga, meditation and Eco stays. Talk to us about a range of Eco and Wellbeing offerings we are putting together to cover just this type of stay.

Lastly, if you’re considering the option of bringing the extended family, then you have picked the right place, as kids love Hoi An. It has so much to keep the most active kids busy either riding bicycles, climbing mountains, taking a boat ride down the Thu Bon river, making paper lanterns, painting masks or taking a day trip to visit My Son sanctuary – a complex of abandoned and partially ruined Hindu temples dated back between the 4th and 14th centuries.

We are happy to tailor your stay in Hoi An with a complete range of activities and tours, so don’t hesitate to contact us for tour options.