Food for Thought Friday 15 May 2020

Today we bring you a taste of wellness from this beautiful retreat located near Hue – Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion

This recipe is brought to us from the retreat’s very talented Chef – Tien who has nearly 20 years experience working with many 5 star hotels and resorts such as Anantara Hoi An, Laguna (Banyan Tree Resort Lang Co)
It is a favourite dish all over Vietnam, known for its crunchiness and fusion of flavours through the fresh herbs, sauce and batter.

Key things are the dipping sauce which is the soul of many Vietnamese dishes. This sauce contains peanut so be cautioned for anyone with allergies.
Please enjoy….

Hue pancake (Bánh Khoái Huế)

“rice powder/ bột gạo: 100 gr
topioca starch/ bột năng: 30 gr
beer/ bia: 100 gr
enoki mushroom/ nấm linh chi: 20gr
tumeric powder/ bột nghệ: 2gr
rice papper/ bánh tráng cuốn: 40gr
mint/ húng bạc hà: 4gr
bean sprout/ giá đỗ: 80gr
blossom flower/ hoa chuối: 6gr
baby mustard/ cải con: 6gr
chicken egg/ trứng gà: 2nos
pork belly/ thịt heo ba chỉ: 100gr
shimp/ tôm: 240gr
quail egg/ trứng cút: 4 nos
carrot/ cà rốt: 80gr
spring onion/ hành lá: 100gr
shallot/ hành tím: 10gr
peanut/ đậu phụng: 60gr
bean sauce/ tương bần: 40gr
white sesame/ mè trắng: 20gr
soya sauce/ xì dầu: 20gr
salt/ muối: 8gr
pepper/ tiêu: 4gr
cooking oil/ dầu ăn: 400gr
sugar/ đường: 6gr

Step 1: Dissolve 2 types of flour with beer and a little water with egg and turmeric powder.
Step 2: Rinse all the vegetables to roll with the pancakes.
Step 3: Making sauce – grind the peanut, sesame, bean sauce and put them in the pan stir fried shallot and taste with soy sauce, sugar.
Step 4: Stir the shrimp meat to infuse seasoning, then use a medium hot pan with a little oil to coat the cake but not too thick, then stir fry the filling with carrots, bean sprouts, quail eggs and scallions. Finally fold and fry up.
Step 5: Present with raw vegetables and sauce on a plate then enjoy.

If you would like to include Alba is your next tour to Vietnam, please don’t hesitate to contact us at
Thank you to Dien from Alba Wellness Resort.