Food for thought Friday – A Movenpick Hotel Hanoi specialty

You’ll love this warm hearty beef dish with red wine. Perfect for the cooler climates around the world at the moment. It sounds like a beef stew but it has that Vietnamese twist.
Braised beef with red wine Vietnamese style
1. Ingredients
Beef shank or tenderloin 2.5 kg
Potato 1 kg
Carrot 600g
Basil powder 2 tsp
Dried onions, dried garlic, ginger 3 pieces
Butter 100g
Food coloring Vi tsp
Red wine 200 ml
Tomato 6
Lemongrass 7
Parsley leaves 10g
Wheat flour 3 tbsp
Coriander, cilantro, Welsh onion Star anise, cardamom, cinnamon Salt and pepper, fish sauce, spices Cooking oil

2. Process
• Cut the beef into cubes, drain, then marinate with chopped garlic, onion, basil, spices, a little fish sauce, and pepper in about 15 minutes
• Deep fry garlic and onions, crush the lemongras then put beef into the pan and sauté, burn the red wine to raise the fragrant, after that pour boiling water up to the surface of the meat
• Peel the tomatoes and cut into wedges, sauté with garlic, then pour into the beef stew pot
• Bake the star anise, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger to raise the aroma then put them in the beef stew pot
• Potatoes cut in half, wait until the beef are tender to put them in along with carrots
• Sauté wheat flower with butter then add to the stew to glaze the beef stew
3. Plating
• Sprinkle in coriander and Welsh onions
• Serve when hot with bread or Pho
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