Hoi An Coco River Resort – For this Friday’s Food for Thought Friday

Food for thought Friday – a great BBQ recipe the whole family with love. This one is a speciality from Hoian Coco River Resort, Hoi An. The chef tells us it is quite easy to make and all the guests love it when he makes it. We think the magic is in the sauce!

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– Bacon 300gr
– Shrimp 200 gr
– Carrot 200 gr
– Chili 30 gr
– Ginger 50 gr
– Cabbage 100 gr
– Raw Vegetable 200 gr
– Garlic 20 gr
– Lime 20 gr
– Sugar 50 gr
– Pepper 5 gr
– Fish Sauce 100 ml
– Vinegar 20 ml
– Salt 5 gr
Cooking Method:
– Defrost Bacon and Peel Shrimp, shred carrots
– Make Kimchi: Mix half shredded carrots + cabbage + ginger + chilli with sugar, lime, fish sauce and vinegar . Cover and chill up 30 minutes
– Marinate shrimp with salt and peppers
– Roll bacon with shrimp and shredded carrots
– Sauté bacon
– Serve dish with fresh salad and Kimchi, and sweet sour fish sauce