Sapa is one of those destinations that draw the most visitors in Vietnam. No matter when you go, Sapa is always ready to welcome travelers with its year-around beautiful natural landscapes and as well as kind warm-hearted locals.


Just like spring in other mountainous town, Sapa has comfortably warm weather with temperature falling between 15 – 18 degree Celcius. Sapa in during spring is like kingdom of flowers and fruits such as peach, plum, pear, daisy, rose and notably golden everlasting.


Summer in Sapa is the season of greeny rice fields, cool weather, dry at night and cloudy during daytime. This is an ideal time to escape from the heat of big cities. It is not so cloudy in summer which is just perfect sightseeing. You can rent a scooter to explore hill-tribe villages or sights like Ham Rong Mountain, Cat Cat and Lao Chai villages, Silver Waterfall – Love Waterfall – Cong Troi for …

Additionally, there are plenty of fruits in summer like peach, Ta Van plum, Bac Ha plum, Lao Chai guava, Sapa pear…

*Note: Be careful with sunburn. Although it’s not too shiny in Sapa which makes the body sweat less, the limestone sunlight causes your skin burned easily. Don’t forget to pack long-sleeved, hat, suncream and umbrella in your luggage.

Greeny terrace rice field


Traveling to Sapa in autumn, you can witness the gorgeous beauty here. Sapa in autumn is very beautiful, sunshine like silk, dry air, average cold atmosphere, in the evening, wearing a light jacket then strolling around the town with friends, how warm is it! Sapa in autumn is Sapa in grain season, when the terraced rice fields all around Lao Cai province gleam a bright yellow color.

This is also time precious medicinal plants like “tam that” (a kind of bulbous aralia), amomum, anise, and goldthread enter their season. The paddy fields all turn successive golden waves that kept expanding forever down from the mountaintops, likening valleys to huge melting gold spots. It looks like that you are in a dreamy kingdom where everything is natural & tranquil with yellow, green color, mist and you do not want to escape. If you just have limited time, wandering around the town to the lake, the cathedral, enjoying street foods or finding a lovely coffee shop to stay is also interesting things to do in Sapa in autumn.


The first impression of winter in Sapa is fog. It’s more than 9am yet fog is obscuring everywhere. Going in winter, travelers won’t be able to witness terraced rice fields shining in sunlight. Thick layers of fog and cloud cover all over the little town. However, Sapa still enchants visitors by its unique charm. The extremely smokey misty atmosphere make up a mysterious backdrop. Sometimes, the sun suddenly appears, brightens up the whole town, which brings back an extraordinary excitement.