Quang Binh – new rising destination

Located 300km northward of Danang, Quang Binh is the meeting point of diverse culture and battlefield of the two national wars. Therefore, it holds many historical relics as well as cultural heritages from different periods.

Quang Binh has typical North Central features, is homeland of diverse ethnicities, which contributes to its unique culture.

Phong Nha Cave

With its 116,04km coastline, Quang Binh has great potential of leisure travel, a segment of tourism that brings back vast revenue. “Mother nature” has granted the province with marvelous landscapes, notably Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park twice recognized by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage thanks to its geological, geo-morphological, biodiversity and aesthetic values. It is also the first heritage in the region to meet three out of the four criteria for the status. This is an advantage to develop adventure travel – a new trend of travel in the world.

Recently, with Son Doong being recognized as “the world’s largest cave” and Quang Binh becoming filming location of the big hit Hollywood movie “Kong – skull island”, the province has gotten the most public attention than ever. Local government is also taking step to popularize Quang Binh tourism nationwide as well as worldwide. This promises to result in a numerous of travelers coming to this province in near future.