Dear Thuy

Thank you again for the excellent organization of our tour and a very big Thank You for the massage that you had arranged for us at the hotel, it was very much appreciated.Our guide in HCMC had given us a form to fill in with our comments, but I returned thatform to our guide in Hanoi to return to you as I thought I would give you our comments in a more personal form. To be in Hanoi at the time of the 1000th Anniversary was a very special experience and the extra efforts that your driver and guide had to go through was certainly noted.We had just gone through a similar experience here in Vancouver with the Winter Olympics and I know very well how difficult things can be with road closures and major tourist sites not being available for visits.HCMC – our guide and driver were exceptional, cheerful and always willing to do something extra for us, such as trying to contact our nephew at his cafe during a rainstorm and heavy rush hour traffic. Our guide was very enthusiastic and well informed. You could feel his pride in his city and country and the joy he has sharing his knowledge with us. He has great people skills and I am sure will go far in our industry. The InterContinental Hotel is a very good choice and we enjoyed our stay there. Danang – Hoi An – Hue. Very interesting and totally different from HCMC and Hanoi.The Life Heritage Resort was a pleasant surprise as I had read a few not so complimentary comments on a few websites. Certainly a place to stay more than one night and rest up from the hectic big city. The choices in restaurants and shops in old Hoi An are great and although the whole area is very touristy, it is not overpowering.Our guide could have picked up on my request not to visit too many shops, but I am sure he hoped to make some commission along the way. He could have noticed that we do travel a lot and I know fairly well where and when I want to shop.The drive from Hoi An to Hue was interesting and we appreciate the skill of your drivers. We never felt unsafe or that our driver was not in full control of the situation.They all deserve a special compliment on their driving skill and their friendly and cheerful attitude.The Pilgrimage Resort in Hue was an oasis in the city and we were able to relax forthe two nights we had there. The history of the city is intriguing and we enjoyed the lunch at the private house including the family dog lying under our table at my feet. By then we were missing our dog and it really felt like having lunch at home. I have a few comments for the Resort and will copy you in when I send them my e-mail for your information. Hanoi – what an experience. We ventured out for a walk on the first evening and found the old Chinatown and even found our way home again. We enjoyed the city very much and found the Mövenpick to be an excellent choice. Now I realize that you probably had a hard time finding a room at this time in the history of Hanoi and appreciate your efforts on our behalf. Our guide in Hanoi was most cheerful and helpful, again full of enthusiasm for his country and city and very well educated, our driver had lots of fun and was smiling all the time. All in all we had a wonderful time in Vietnam and I am looking forward to including our tour into the pre- and post-program for our large group next March and hope to be selling Vietnam to many of our participants.

Thanks again and best regards

Mr Hansi


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