Ms Kristina (Kicki)

Dear Thuy, 

I was just about to sit down and write YOU an email to say THANK YOU for the very well organized trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, when your email arrived!

Anyway, I really would like to express my gratitude. I find Vietnam SO interesting and Cambodia really captured my heart! This goes for everybody in the group.

Thank you for putting together such an interesting itinerary. It was a very good mixture of “sights” and more unusual experiences, like the village and orphanage in Cambodia. I only wish I could have stayed longer!!

I am now doing all I can to raise people’s awareness of Vietnam and Cambodia as two perfect holiday destinations for Swedes! Hundreds of thousands of Swedes go to Thailand every year, and with Vietnam and Cambodia offering such a different experience and being so close, I really think that many people would be interested. I have already had some articles on Vietnam published, and there are more to come, both on Vietnam and Cambodia. They are all in Swedish of course, but I will make sure you get a copy of each, for your reference.

I would like to take this opportunity to send my very best regards and thanks to our guides, especially the guide in Phnom Penh (I do not remember his name, sorry), Rath in Siem Reap and Phong in Hanoi. The drivers were also very good. Please send these people my warmest thoughts and thanks!

II do have lots of pictures, and I will be happy to send you some. Shall I send them on email or on a cd? What kind of photos are you looking for? The PATA people on this trip or of all the interesting places we visited or both?!

I’m already looking forward to seeing you in Gothenburg in March next year, and I am happy we’re in touch!

Thank you once again!

My very best regards from Sweden,

Kristina (Kicki)


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