Explore the Photogenic Vietnam through the Camera Lenses

Vietnam has a diverse range of landscape, people, and culture that you can capture through the camera lenses. No matter if you are an amateur or professional photographers, you will sure be able to get your friends jealous looking at your travel photos. Thanks to its easy access to neighboring countries many photo lovers also choose to combine Vietnam with Laos and/or Cambodia in one trip so they can fully explore the old Indochina region.

Breathtaking Landscapes

There is such a diverse range of sceneries in Vietnam. We might be biased but the northern region is not only the most diverse in culture but also in natural landscapes. Charmed by the beautiful mountains and ethnic people groups of Ha Giang or Sa Pa, many photographers keep returning to northern Vietnam to capture the different seasons of this region. Take this ITS original 9-day northern trail tour during the fall for the best colors.

For time-constraint travelers, a quick visit to Hanoi and Halong Bay is enough. Camera enthusiasts love taking pictures of Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay’s majestic views or Hanoi’s famous train street, its modern yet classic Old Quarters, and of course its signature chaotic traffic.

Beautiful People

Vietnam stands #9 on the world’s friendliest countries list[1] (Forbes, 2018). Foreign visitors always find themselves welcomed by the brightest smiles wherever they go. When asked about their favorite part of Vietnam, many inbound tourists mention people. Imagine going on this 17-day biking and sightseeing tour and creating a photo diary along the way for your travel album.

Many professional photographers also reside in Vietnam after familiarizing themselves with the local culture, especially its people. Globally recognized French photographer Réhahn is one of them. He’s been living in Vietnam for a decade emerging himself in the Vietnamese lives among local people and capturing his interactions with them. You can find some of his work when visiting the Precious Heritage Museum in Hoian.

Easy Access to Laos and Cambodia

What’s better than a photo tour throughout the entire old Indochina region?! For many long-haul travelers, photographers included, it is worth combining Vietnam with at least one more southeast Asian country. Although not as popular as Thailand or Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia are great choices to visit with Vietnam. Travelers can reach Luang Prabang (Laos) and Siem Reap (Cambodia) in less than 2 hours by air. There are also options to travel by land or river cruise from Vietnam’s Mekong delta. Don’t want to miss out? You can totally visit all three countries with three weeks!

Photo credits: Canva; Réhahn Photography; Pandaw Cruises