5 things travellers can do to foster regeneration

Keeping Vietnam at its greenest beyond Covid 

Turning the handle from sustainable to regenerative travel will be key to maintaining the revitalisation our environment has gained through the Covid crisis. Vietnam is getting greener by the day. The drop in tourism has allowed the country to replenish and grow stronger through less consumerism. However, Vietnam is rich in experiences and it wants it’s visitors back. So, how can travellers contribute to the continuation of a greener and more sustainable Vietnam?

5 things travellers can do to foster regeneration:

  1. Travel more consciously – in other words as you consume and plan your days activities while on holiday be more conscious of your impact on the environment.
  2. Consider how you pack for your holiday – In thinking ahead and packing accordingly by bringing small items like your own utensils, straws, re-useable water bottles, canvas tote bags etc. These small things, which don’t weigh very much can have a major impact on saving the environment, and send a good message to others when you use them in a public venue.
  3. Pick up and dispose of your own waste responsibly. It’s so easy to just throw your rubbish in the first bin you see, yet a quick question to a local may reveal another bin location, close by, more suitable for your waste. This kind of thoughtfulness can save the planet, and if we all did it, imagine how much more efficient our waste management would be.
  4. Support local businesses – It’s so easy to buy that super cheap T-Shirt that has been made in a semi slave labour factory, when for only a few thousand Dong more you can buy something locally made and often unique to the region. You will be amazed to see a flourishing designer market growing in Vietnam, with Artisans hand making crafts, and homewares from locally sourced products. How great is it; when you get home to wear something, or show something off in your home, that you know has a history and background embedded in it. Who said our holiday memories had to only live in our photo albums!
  5. Research your travel provider to see what activities will be included and if they include animals. It is becoming increasingly important that we treat our animals with respect and allow them to roam free with us. To enjoy them, we should be – watchers or admirers. The more we seek out tours that do not abuse animals or use them in a way not befitting their level of captivity, then the more tours like them will be created.