5 Facts you may not know about Phu Quoc

The Ideal location to soak up the sun this winter!

Apart from the beautiful sunsets, long sandy beaches, and delicious weather almost all year round, Phu Quoc has some unique aspects not many tourists know about.

phu-quoc-vietnamThe Island itself is located in The Gulf of Thailand and you will be swimming in the South China Sea. It lies to the south of the Cambodian coast, south of Kampot, and 40 km (25 mi) west of Hà Tiên, the nearest coastal town in Vietnam. Roughly triangular in shape the island is 50 kilometres (31 mi) long from north to south and 25 kilometres (16 mi) from east to west at its widest.


5 facts you may not know about Phu Quoc?

  1. No Visa Required– This makes it super easy to book and stay for a short stay at short notice.

As long as you only wish to stay less than 30 days, this is how you can enter Phu Quoc Visa Free.

  • Your passport must be valid for 6 months since your arrival date or else you should renew it prior to taking the trip to Phu Quoc.
  • You must fly from an international country to Phu Quoc via the Phu Quoc International Airport. This applies to direct, indirect and layover flights, where your final destination along the route is Phu Quoc. The onward destination could be any country, except Vietnam.
  • Your stay on the island must be less than 30 days. You must provide proof (return airplane ticket, cruise ship departure date, etc.) that you will be leaving Phu Quoc Island within 30 days in order to be granted a “Visa Exemption Stamp”.
  • You have not been extradited from Vietnam in the past.
  • You are not on the wanted person list of Interpol.
  • You travel to Phu Quoc by sea (ship or cruise) or by air (airplane), not by land border.

Please see more information here on Visa applications for extended periods https://www.vietnam-visa.com/conditions-to-get-vietnam-visa-exemption-to-visit-phu-quoc-island/


  1. The island is only a 1 hour flight from HCMC

While as at 9/12/2020 no foreigners are allowed to enter Vietnam or Phu Quoc due to Covid restrictions ( See our latest Update here https://itsvietnam.com/fr/vietnam-covid-19-update/)

and quarantine requirements, Vietnam Nationals and those traveling on Diplomatic Passports are free to travel from HCMC to Phu Quoc International Airport.

Flights traditionally take approximately 1 hour and are available through Bamboo Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, and Vietjet at a cost starting at approximately $60 USD. Please contact us here to book info@itsvietnam.com

You may be interested to know many domestic and international projects related to tourism have been carried out, including the latest direct flights from Bangkok to Phú Quốc by Bangkok Airways, which could make Phú Quốc a new tourist hub in Southeast Asia.

Phu Quoc Airport has been operating since 2012 and is located 30km south of downtown Phu Quoc (Duong Dong). A taxi to the main part of town should cost you depending on the location of your hotel, between VND 90,000 and VND 600,000 approximately. Please note you will need to pay the VND 20,000 airport toll. There are shuttle buses to Duong Dong that cost VND 50,000 per trip.


  1. Phú Quốc is an island off the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand and is part of Vietnam

JW Marriot Phu Quoc

Photo Credit – JW Marriot Phu Quoc

People often ask “Where actually is Phu Quoc?”. We think this question arises because as from 2014 Foreigners can visit by transiting in Vietnam, Visa Free, therefore how is it part of Vietnam?

Maybe it is more formally explained here. From 1862 Phu Quoc was occupied by the French, as part of its colonization of Vietnam, and came under the administration of the Governor of Cochinchine. In 1867, Phu Quoc’s Vietnamese authorities pledged allegiance to French troops after the French conquered Ha Tien.


  1. You will find the most amazing Pepper grown in Phu Quoc

There are many Pepper Farms all over Phu Quoc and not only will your taste buds go wild with the way they use it in their cooking, you will be amazed to find how it is grown now in a more sustainable way. You can check out more about Pepper Farming in Phu Quoc here – https://www.phuquocislandguide.com/phu-quoc-pepper-farms Talk to us about arranging a homestay at one of the farms – sm@itvietnam.com

Photo Credit – phuquocislandguide.com

  1. You will see dogs everywhere in Phu Quoc that have a “ridgeback”

dog Phu Quoc

Photo Credit – https://www.phuquocridgeback.com/

The Phu Quoc Ridgeback is a breed of dog from the island of Phú Quốc.  It is one of three ‘ridgebacked’ breeds, the others being the Rhodesian Ridgeback and the Thai Ridgeback.

You should feel comforted by seeing them around as they have a long history of loyalty to their owners and protective of anyone that becomes close to them.

This dog is distinctive in appearance and has what can be described as a kind of “Noble” frame. It was originally a wild animal and was later trained as a hunting dog by local people. These days they are very domesticated and it’s unusual to go anywhere on the island without seeing one of these dogs! These animals have unusually sharp teeth (as they tear their food when they eat it rather than bite) and have claws that over the years have been conditioned for catching their prey and are razor sharp.

Find out more about Phu Quoc dogs and the breeding here https://www.phuquocridgeback.com/

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