Solo Travel trending in Vietnam across all age groups

Travelling solo to Vietnam has never been stronger. For those who travel as backpackers or digital nomads, the allure of a budget holiday in a country that offers a myriad of experiences, is high. Interestingly enough a survey from Unique Homestay reports women account for more than 78%. Understandably, as the freedom to move about the country has become much safer and more accessible.

However, the solo travel trend in Vietnam is not limited to only the young. reports more and more travellers aged between 50 – 64 years of are also seeking out and planning their own style of travel in Vietnam away from the demands of family. Vietnam offers such or range of cultural, foodie, natural exploration and sightseeing; Recognising Hanoi as fifth among the seven best places in Asia for solo travellers by Bigseventravel.

Notwithstanding, at the 26th World Travel Awards for Asia and Oceania, Vietnam was chosen as “Asia’s Leading Culinary Destination”  So, for the ‘solo Traveller” who researches travel in Vietnam, the word is out that Vietnam has a lot to offer.

For us at ITS Vietnam we have been managing the solo traveller through our agents for many years. We acknowledge the need for personalisation and customisation. We understand the importance of flexibility and of providing cultural experiences a solo traveller is interested in and can trust will be handled with care and expertise.

Key to the ‘Solo Traveller’ having a good experience is confidence. Our on the ground services are designed to make sure the Solo Traveller feels at all times his or her needs have been catered for, and in the case of an emergency there is 24 hour Customer Support. A key ingredient for any Solo Traveller especially in the more remote regions and with less experienced travellers.

Talk to us today and let us help you plan your solo travellers next journey, so they feel it’s their own design.