Since it was regarded as one of the most significant global holidays, Christmas has never failed to draw people with a variety of celebration options in different countries. Christmas Eve, which is frequently more significant than Christmas Day, was celebrated with great joy in Vietnam, with crowds of people lining the streets.

History of Christmas in Vietnam

In the 16th century, Christianity was introduced into Vietnam by missionaries from Portugal, Spain and France. After undergoing various ups and downs during the course of history, Christians and Catholics in Vietnam have been able to keep their religion and celebrate Christmas annually, making it a popular occasion nationwide with many interesting activities.

3 popular activities Vietnamese people do on Christmas Day

  • Decorate the house with Christmas trees and many colorful items: Not only used for home decoration, those items are also commonly seen along the streets, since Vietnamese people (especially young people) tend to gather at shopping centers and other public areas during this holiday.
  • Dress up in Santa Claus outfit: Originally, the Christmas gift-giving tradition was exclusive to Christians. But over the past few decades, even non-believers have found this to be one of Vietnam’s most fascinating Christmas traditions. Adults or parents would dress up as Santa Claus and arrange toys and candy for the children.
  • Enjoy Christmas food: In Vietnam, Christmas is celebrated with a variety of traditional foods, much like any other holiday. Traditional Christmas foods from throughout the world, such turkey or chicken soup, can be found in Vietnam along with other regional delicacies. On this occasion, a lot of food stands and eateries are open since Vietnamese people prefer to eat out over Christmas rather than host intimate family gatherings.

The top 4 famous churches in Vietnam to enter the Christmas spirit

  • Joseph’s Cathedral – Hanoi City

One of the earliest cathedrals ever constructed by the French was St. Joseph’s Cathedral, which was established in 1886. Located to the West of Hoan Kiem Lake, this church has witnessed various historic events and milestones in the capital of Vietnam.

  • Da Nang Cathedral (Pink Church) – Da Nang City

This is a well-known tourist destination in the city. Catholic Cathedral Danang is distinctive because of its Gothic architectural style, distinctive characteristics, and distinctive pink color.

  • Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral – Ho Chi Minh City

Located in the Paris Commune Square in the downtown of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral is among the most well-known sites for Vietnamese and foreign Christians as well as the local residents in the city. After nearly 160 years, the cathedral still proves itself as a religious stronghold for around 6.2 million Catholics in Saigon and an impressive destination for tourists, especially during Christmas in Vietnam.

  • Tan Dinh Church – Ho Chi Minh City

Similar to Da Nang Cathedral, Tan Dinh Church stands out with its iconic pink exterior in Ho Chi Minh City. This is one of the most impressive Gothic architectural works that every religious believer and photo-shooting fan should pay a visit to, especially on Christmas.