Vietnam Beach Holidays – Not a Cliché

Although the Vietnam eastern coasts stretches north through south, the central and southern regions are much better options for a beach holiday. Da Nang and Phu Quoc island are the star beach destinations to many locals and international travelers. Nonetheless, towns Hoi An, Quy Nhon, and Con Dao are also amazing choices if your customers are looking for a beach vacation in a smaller city or town.

Hoi An – Located in central Vietnam, this charming gem is normally known for its rich history and culture dated back to the 16th century. Nonetheless, Hoi An is also the place to be if you’re doing a beach holiday in Vietnam. What’s better than doing a holiday in Hoi An where you can do a wide range of actives from golfing, to cooking class, round boat race, or checking out the Ah Oh or The Hoian Memory show to learn more about the Vietnamese culture or simple just chilling out on the An Bang beach drinking fresh coconuts. Hoi An also has a great selection of 4* and 5* hotels ranging from internationally branded to local boutique like Boutique Hoi An Resort (4.5*), The Nam Hai (5*-5*+), Anatara (5*), Palm Garden (5*), Almanity (5*), or The Little Hoi An Group hotels (4* and 5*).

Quy Nhon – Another central Vietnam town, historically known to be a beach destination for Vietnamese locals. In the last recent years, Quy Nhon has been becoming more and more popular to international travelers as well. ITS also offers a Hoi An – Quy Nhon package where your customers can travel on the new and unique Vietage train between Hoi An and Quy Nhon while staying at the well-known Anatara resorts.

Con Dao – This southern island is certainly a hidden gem! It is the perfect alternative for those who want to avoid Phu Quoc and its popularity. Con Dao is a little bit less ‘exploited’ than Phu Quoc that’s why it makes the perfect alternative for its famous counterpart. There is a Con Dao Prision on this island. This attraction might be a bit too graphic to many western visitors but we highly recommend checking it out as it really gives visitors insights on the Vietnam wars from a different perspective. Don’t feel like doing anything and just want to stay at your resort and enjoy your private beach? Look no further than the Six Senses Resort Con Dao. If you’re lucky during your stay, you might even be able to take part in the turtle release activity where they release baby turtles to the sea after they hatch. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?? Find more about Con Dao on our blog.

In case you are not yet familiar with Vietnam, you can learn more about the destination here and see why it is such a great destination thanks to its uniqueness.


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