Vietnam A photographers’ dream country

Photo Credit – Thomas Levine – Photographer and Guest Blogger

You only have to notice on social media the array and diversity of locations and settings in Vietnam, to very quickly get a sense for the opportunities and scope of a keen photographer and lover of the outdoors. From sunsets and sunrises, to terraced rice fields, street art and 54 minority groups living as they have done for hundreds of years, you will be forgiven for wondering “Why didn’t I come here sooner”?

To do the country as a whole justice and in keeping with the best travel experiences beyond the ravishes of Covid -19 during 2020 and 2021, the main commodity you require to see, enjoy and experience “the modern and the traditional” as they exist in unapparelled harmony is ‘time’.  Some of the best locations to see reside in Vietnam’s northern or outer southern regions, which are beautiful and well worth the time they take to get there. is famous for tailor making experiences for the traveler with an outdoor spirit and a keen eye looking for tranquil beaches, sleepy farming towns, and eerie labyrinths’ of limestone islands and caves. To that end, we have been working with professionals in this area to design unique tours your travelers will be thrilled with.

We have invited professional travel Photographer, Thomas Levine who came to Vietnam some years ago, to share his thoughts with us below on the opportunities for keen photographers. Whether you have an I-phone or a DSLR camera, there is something for everyone in Vietnam.

Thomas Levine – Guest Blog

There is no shortage of places to take photographs in Vietnam. Whether it’s the landscapes, oceans, rice fields, food & drink, local people and the cities. …. There’s plenty to see and photograph.

Many people that travel to Vietnam are surprised to find such variety of things to photograph. It’s a unique land, but there’s a lot of visual clues that will say “this photograph is of Vietnam”. When you travel it’s important to know where to find the best picture opportunities that will show how unique Vietnam is. 

Vietnam has miles of beautiful beaches and gorgeous ocean views, thick forests and jungles, but it’s the Vietnamese people that set Vietnam apart from the rest of the world. I’ve found many travel photographs are missing something in their photos. It’s not just landscapes here, but photographs of people that live and work in the fields and cities that make Vietnam more interesting. Capturing the culture of foreign lands is no more evident than around foods of Vietnam. Any foodie will love the colours, textures and unique foods that are part of the Vietnam experience.

Sunset – Hoi An Rice Fields – Photo Credit Thomas Levine

Some of my favorite places to find great photo opportunities: 

Hoi An Area Photography

It’s about the colours! There’s colours everywhere along this old International trading town, now a UNESCO city. Hoi An although over 2,000 years old, back in the 16th and 17th centuries it was a major international port city.

If you would like to hear more about the history of Vietnam going back to the Cham dynasty, you might like to listen to this Podcast –—taking-a-step-back-in-time

Today, Hoi An is known for all the yellow buildings, and its colourful lanterns that can be seen all over town.  Even the shops are decorated with Hoi An type fixtures. At dusk, the floating lanterns come out in this riverfront town. The riverfront area is full of activity and colourful reflections from the night lights and lanterns. In the morning it’s best to catch the early light for people working and trading in the produce markets of Hoi An.  It’s a treat to visit and photograph because the interaction of buyers and sellers is a hearty reminder of how it has been done for hundreds or years.

(Best time is sunrise and evening before and after sunset)

Hoi An is close to other attractions to see and photograph. An Bang Beach, sunsets and sunrises of the ocean, fishing villages, islands to photography and explore, rice field bike tour. Not far is Magic Mountain, there’s even ancient ruins of the Cham civilization.

Northern Vietnam Photography

Known for its famous Northern Vietnamese Cuisine, Hanoi has much to see and photograph. There’s more than food to photograph here, it’s an old city, but it has a character of its own. Hanoi’s Old Quarter, and the lakes make some of

Hanoi Street – Photo Credit -Thomas Levine

the best travel photographs. Don’t forget to take photos of people in the streets. Street photography in Hanoi is spectacular because of the people and culture.

There’s more….much more like nature areas in Northern Vietnam. One of my favorite areas is Ninh Binh where they have water tours through jungle areas, caves, limestone mountains, and a beautiful countryside with jungles, birds and animals, waterfalls, national parks.

Also in the north is Sapa, a very popular place to travel with rice fields, people wearing unique cultural clothes. Add in waterfalls, landscapes, terraced rice fields, local Vietnamese lifestyle, and the markets. 

Once again, the Travel Podcast – What About Vietnam has an episode called—well-beyond-the-tourist-track

Viet Trang Cave – Photo Credit – Thomas Levine

I look forward to seeing you in Vietnam and showing you my favourite places. Please contact ITS Vietnam as we can arrange customised tours for you through them.

Thomas Levine

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How do I organize a Photography Tour with ITS Vietnam?

The best way is to contact our office by email and maybe include some locations your travelers have asked to include. If you do not know exact locations ask us about beaches, jungles, caving, trekking, waterfalls, cultural and or street photography locations and we can provide options.

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How much time would you need to allow to do a Vietnam photo tour.

The time is up to you, but to reach some locations that feature jungles, caves and terraced rice fields, you may need to allow for long duration road travel, sometimes up to 8 hours. Please check with our staff for best advice.

For Cities like Hanoi, Hoi An and HCMC, you can reach these easily and need less time to fly between. Only one hour mostly between major cities.