Top 4 Compelling Reasons for Tourists to Visit Vietnam Now

1. Delightful Local Vietnamese Foods

Vietnam is famous for its delicious street foods as well as its breathtaking landscapes. Vietnamese cuisine is well-known for combining fresh ingredients with a variety of herbs and spices in its recipes. With many things to try, travelers are unlikely to experience it all in one trip. Check out our Culinary Delights Tour where you can savor many flavors of Vietnam’s spices and cuisine.

2. The Magnificent Halong Bay

Hаlоng Bау is a UNESCO Wоrld Hеritаgе Site in the Gulf of Tonkin, and it is just as marvelous аѕ travelers say. Located about fоur hоur to the East of Hаnоi, it is worth the drive to spend a few nights on the boat surrounded by over 1,600 iѕlаndѕ. Visiting Halong Bay is one of the many places to visit in Vietnam.

3. Vietnam Beaches Are Stunning

Vietnam, which has more than 3,260 kilometers of coastline, is famous for its beautiful beaches along the South China Sea coast. Vietnam boasts some of the greatest beaches, so it makes sense that travelers love enjoying themselves on the beach and keep coming back for another amazing trip. Leave behind the hustle of the big city with the collection of Beach Breaks Tours and short getaways where you will visit some of the most amazing beaches that you have ever seen!

4. Getting a Vietnam Visa is Easy

If your nationality belongs to one of the currently visa-free countries, then you can save on visa costs. Besides, some nationals can apply for E-visa when traveling to Vietnam.