Vietnamese visa is an official travel document granted by Vietnamese competent authorities, providing permission to travel to enter and exit Viet Nam. A valid passport and a visa are required for all foreigners visiting Viet Nam. Viet Nam Visas are issued by Vietnamese embassies and consulates or Vietnam Department of Immigration. Some overseas offices of Viet Nam Tourism and Vietnam Airlines are able to issue tourist visas.

There are 3 ways to get visa to Viet Nam:

  1. E-visa
  2. Get visa at Viet Nam Embassies abroad
  3. Get visa stamping upon arrival


1. 1-month tourist E-VISA (Only arrival by air)
An electronic visa (E-visa) is one of visa types issued to foreigners by Vietnamese Immigration Department via electronic system. Viet Nam E-visa is valid for maximum of 30 days, single entry. Outside Viet Nam foreigners who want to enter Viet Nam can personally apply for E-visa or through the inviting/guaranteeing agencies and organizations. E-visa fee is paid via electronic payment gateway as prescribed by the Immigration Department. The fee will not be refunded if the application is refused. For 40 countries who allowed to get E-Visa, after about 7 days we will send you E-visa by PDF via email. At the airport you only need to show the e-visa to Immigration at the check in counter.
You can apply e-visa by yourself directly on Viet Nam Immigration site.

List of Countries that allowed E-visa issuing.

Conditions for being granted e-visa:

  • Outside Viet Nam foreigners;
  • Holding valid passport;
  • Not falling into the cases of suspension from entry prescribed in Article 21 of Law on foreigners’ entry into, exit from, transit through, residence in Viet Nam.

E-visa holders in Viet Nam may be considered to get new visa if being invited/guaranteed by authority/organization/individual in Viet Nam in accordance with Law on foreigners’ entry into, exit from, transit through, residence in Viet Nam.

Foreigners who entry Viet Nam must comply with Vietnamese law.

2. Get 1 month tourist visas at Vietnam Embassies abroad
You need to contact Viet Nam Embassy abroad. Obtaining a visa from the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in your home country is more expensive than getting a visa on arrival. You can apply for a visa up to six months in advance of arrival in Viet Nam. In case the Embassy asks for invitation letter, you can contact us for invitation letter (with fee).


3. Get 1 month tourist visa stamping upon arrival

The “Visa approval letter” is a document (approved by the Immigration Office) that allows you to enter and exit Viet Nam for a given time period. With the approval letter, you can pick up your visa upon arrival at one of the three international airports in Viet Nam (Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang City – Cam Ranh Airport and Da Nang). You can contact us directly for invitation letter. All you need is to send us your passport details (Full name, Day of Birth, Nationality, Gender, Passport number, Exp. Date). Normally, the approval letter is processed and emailed you within five (5) to seven (07) business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays). In urgent cases, you are able to have the approval letter within the day/next day (surcharge applies).

In general, there are two fees you are required to pay:

  1. Fee for invitation letter, paid to ITS.
  2. Visa stamping fee: 1 month tourist visa stamping is about 25 USD per person (depends on Nationality), paid to ITS or to Immigration at the airport.


4. Fast Track, V.I.P Airport Pick Up and Concierge Services.
ITS provides Fast track services, Private Immigration services, VIP airport pick up services and see off. This service helps the visitors to getting visa stamping, visa sticker and porter service at Viet Nam Airport. It’s established to assist visitors at the airport when arrived with the highest satisfy to avoid wasting visitor’s valuable time, especially after having a long flight or other personal reasons.


A. Fast track: Our staff will meet you at the aircraft gate with your name on the welcome board and assist you to get visa stamp and visa sticker without getting line as other. Just 5-10 minutes you will at the luggage lounge to wait for your belonging.
B. VIP Fast track: Our staff will meet you at the aircraft gate with your name on the welcome board and assist you to get visa stamp and visa sticker without getting line as other. After that our staff will escort you go to luggage lounge to assist you take care your luggage as baggage porters.

Please contact us at for more details.


Clients of ITS are assisted through the airport and with all aspects of their departure service, from the moment you arrive at the airport until your flight take off.  From the moment you arrive at the airport your personal airport agent will be waiting and assist you.

Your Departure experience will include:

  •  Baggage Porters (if booked) to collect bags and transfer to check-in.
  •  Pre-check in service (subject to airline) with preferred seats arranged.
  •  Expedited though all check-in and security processes.
  •  Escort to lounge and to the aircraft gate when you are ready to board.


Whether you are traveling with one bag or ten, let our porters take the burden of carrying your suitcases off you. By far the easiest way of getting your luggage either to check-in or from baggage reclaim to your vehicle, this bespoke service can be booked with ITS.


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